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>>. >> gregg: hello. glad you you are with us. i'll gregg jarrett and welcome. >> heather: i'm heather childers. topping the news, brand-new details of the deadly terrorist siege involving americans and other international workers in algeria will. we will have a live update. >> gregg: battle lines are drawn on capitol hill as congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle sound off on the president's gun control agenda. we'll have a fair and balanced debate. >> heather: plus the fallout in two high profile scandals
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involving lance armstrong and mantai teo. our legal panel weighs. >> gregg: we begin this hour with president obama officially getting for four more years. his first term is now over, one for the record books and second one is just now beginning. president sworn in for the second term by chief just john roberts. ed, this time went off without a hitch. >> reporter: four years a little bit of a hiccup when roberts couldn't quite remember the oath. he had tried to memorize it. this time he brought note cards. he got it right. the president was teased by one of his daughters about him getting it right, as well. this as you say was history. 16th president to win election to two consecutive terms and be sworn in. now, they have all the
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ceremonial swearings tomorrow. this more intimate friend in the blue room, family and close friends. amid all the constitutional moments there was also a light family moment where a dad got to talk to his daughter, take a listen. >> thank you sir. [ applause ] >> i did it. all right. thank you everybody. >> reporter: i did it, he said and sasha said you didn't mess up. vice president biden got to try this out first very early this morning. reason why it was so early is that just sotomayor had to get on to a train to go to new york city to sign her books. she was trying to get to barnes & noble this afternoon in new york city. >> gregg: you got to plug that book, that is more than the vice president of the united states. your publisher wants more book
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sales. [ laughter ] >> gregg: how might tomorrow's big speech by the president really set the tone and tenor for policy in his second term? >> reporter: very important. saw president bush try to do this in 2005 to try to move track frankly on your legacy items. he wants to talk about gun control on the days ahead and immigration reform and david plouffe is saying what the president is going to be all about is big picture themes to bring the country together, but republicans roy blunt say some of the early signs, defiant tone of the news conference last week suggests to them there might be more division. >> we have on immigration, gun safety, debt reduction, measures to help the economy, energy, we have a stacked agenda here. i think urgency in the country to address this. >> there is only one guy that can lead in washington that can find a solution to big problems
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and that is the president. >> reporter: so bottom line is that the president is going to try to hit the big picture themes in the inaugural address tomorrow afternoon outside the west pointed of the capital and say some of thels that will divide both sides of issue. he will save that for state of the union address when he heads back to capitol hill. >> gregg: thanks very much. >> heather: frustration preparation is under way as washington gets welcome to hundreds of thousands of guests. carl cameron is at the national mall with more on that. >> the historic nature of inaugurating the first black african-american president is much different right now. it was a worldwide celebration and there were ten inaugural balls in washington, d.c.
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president and michelle obama went ball to ball in a big celebration. this time around, nations the challenges the country faces and economic problems and the budget issues here in d.c., they've gone much smaller. there will be only two presidential inaugural balls tomorrow night. they'll be in bigger venues and one will be at verizon center here. there will be plenty of opportunities to do it. it's been more subdued in terms of crowd. last time there was 1.8 million people estimated to have been on the mall. just today organizers have downgraded their estimates, they have predicted 600 this had to 8 high school,000 they have moved that down to half a million to $700,000. as we get nearer and nearer to the ceremonial issues of tomorrow they are looking at smaller crowds. an illustration of waning
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enthusiasm for the now re-elected president. he didn't get as many popular votes nor electoral votes as four years ago. his turnout will be smaller too. >> heather: and i hear it's going to be cold out there. bundle up. >> reporter: nothing like years ago. last president who had the inaugural on 20th being on sunday was ronald reagan and it was 7 degrees. there is record low. we are nothing like that today. we won't be tomorrow either. >> heather: it looks beautiful. thank you. be sure and tune in tomorrow for full coverage of the any understanding raise, bret baier and megyn kelly will anchor events systematic at 11:00 a.m. eastern. >> gregg: a fox news alert. breaking details now on that hostage crisis in algeria. security officials say even more bodies have been found now inside the remote desert gas
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plant, just one day after bloody raid ended the four day standoff. dozens of hostages did manage to escape unharmed but 23 were killed. there are new reports that there was as many 8 americans among the hostages, one has died and seven escaped. there is growing concern over the fate of two other americans who remain missing this hour. coner powell has the latest. >> reporter: algerian officials saying the death toll that does stand at 23 is likely to increase in the next few days as they get more and more information. algerian officials have spent the last 24 hours or so shifting through the debris in the aftermath of the remote gas plant in algeria. according to one report they are finding dozens of bodies, many of them so badly damaged they can't tell if they were foreign hostages or the terrorists who launched the attack on the bp gas plant. making matters worse, security
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officials fear there are mines and booby traps, it's a very difficult situation to try to identify the bodies that are there. it's very slow going. algerian officials originally said all 32 of the militants launched the attack that they were killed in the attack launched on the raid. a few hours ago officials are saying five militants were captured. this is really the type of confusion and inconsistent information we've been getting out of algeria for the past 48 hours or so. on one hand they say it was 32 militants, now they are saying five of them are in custody. one of the problems that we've had is that the western government that had citizens in algeria, they weren't given much information on what was going on the ground. many countries weren't given a heads-up that a raid was being launched.
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this type of information we're getting right now really is not helping the families who don't know about their loved ones. over the course of next 48 hours we hope it will get better but it appears algeria isn't prepared or able to provide the type of information that loved ones and western governments really need to sort this out. >> gregg: coner, thanks very much. >> heather: next-door in mali go a setback to terrorists linked to al-qaeda now retreating after days of french air strikes. the military in mali says they are complete control there. streets reportedly a landscape of burned out vehicles and destroyed weapons. a spokesman for the french forces is sounding a more cautious note saying it's not clear all the militants have left. french forces are moving northward into rebel held territory. >> gregg: more turmoil in the region. new violence erupting in egypt.
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protestors and riot police fighting it out in the city of alexandria where police officers are on trial for killing protestors in the uprising in 2011. security forces holding back crowds with a volumely of tear gas. judge resigned from the case without giving a reason. 900 protestors died in the revolt that overthrew hosni mubarak. 300 of them killed in that city. >> heather: after the inauguration the president and vice president expected to hit the roads to push the gun control proposals that they unveiled on wednesday. the campaign styled events are aimed at ramping up pressure on congress to take action. doug is live with more on this. hi, doug. >> after the trauma of the sandy hook massacre the urgent call to limit easy access to guns have
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met resistance and exposed the divide over firearms. president has offered 23 different executive actions which would strengthen background checks better address mental health and call for armed officers for schools that want them. politics are fraught with danger for the president. there are 20 democratic senate seats up for grabs in 2013 including in arkansas, alaska, iowa, louisiana, colorado, new hampshire and south dakota which suggests that any gun control measures will have to be a compromise. >> everyone is trying to divert from the core issue which is there is a huge consensus in the country, including a vast majority of republicans that assault weapons, high capacity magazines, universal background checks, making progress on mental health, these are things that we should and can do. >> i think we can do something about mental health, about
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information sharing, maybe about background checks and other things, but it has to be a plan that could possibly work or the president won't get it done. >> president has promised to put to work videotape same campaign organizations that brought him unprecedented turnout last november to work now for a grassroot changes to gun laws. >> heather: doug mckelway, thank you. we'll have much more on the gun debate and whether the president's governing style is too combative to get anything done coming up later. >> gregg: for a mere $300,000 you could probably get some nice wheels, a ferrari, even a rolls royce or just buy a used pickup truck. that is how much somebody paid at auction for 2009 ford f-150 king ranch super crew. it was once owned by president
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george w. bush. he donated the car to benefit the fisher house foundation a charity that drives and serves u.s. military families. identity of the buyer is anonymous. it was at the car show. >> heather: maybe he was anonymous bidder. >> gregg: i don't think dominic. >> fischer foundation is great. they provide housing for veterans and families undergoing medical treatment. the pride of boeing's fleet grounded. new update on the serious safety problems plaguing the dream liner. >> gregg: and looking back at moments in presidential history. >> heather: plus why the french are in tempest over american bubbly.
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>>. >> gregg: you are going to love this, we're going to pick on the french, why not?
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why, because we can do it. president obama's inauguration hitting a sour note with french wine lobby. they are unhappy over california champagne being served. they say it's technically not champagne and forcing an edit to the public menu, raising questions about the lobbys in washington to pour over this and we need this, anchor of "bulls and bears", brenda buttner. do the french need to chill? >> do you know how hard it is to get anything done in washington? the french managed to get a change of men , maybe we should bring them to talk about the debt ceiling. >> gregg: they are so good at everything. they do have a tendency to get the silk stockings over the
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least things. remember when we changed from french-fries to freedom fries and they got upset and then disney world and big macgs? >> this is an important issue. we do have things to worry about like unemployment and debt ceiling, but this is big. basically what was happening it was on the menu. it said champagne and champagne technically comes from a part of france. >> gregg: a region of france. >> right and the lobbyists went crazy over this. u.s. law says as long as you show the origin of the grapes it's already but they put california on the right side and on the left side -- >> only the french would get upset about that. >> gregg: the problem is there is too many lobbyists in washington. we put on green room on this.
1:21 pm
it's astonishing. there are 12,051 lobbyists that are actively lobbying. >> $3.3 billion in one year. >> gregg: i didn't do that. if you do the math, 22 lobbyists for every single member of congress? >> yes. >> gregg: there 22 to one in lobbyists. >> there are a lot of lobbyists. >> gregg: there is a lot of influence peddling going on in washington, d.c. >> to me this champagne issue popped my cork. >> gregg: they ought to switch to martinis? >> i think they would all be happier, champagne does not get to that level. >> gregg: it gives you such a headache afterwards. we'll leave it at that. by the way, i would like to point out the romans that invented champagne. >> sha that italy, you don't
1:22 pm
want to deal with the italian lobbyists. >> gregg: we'll stop using the word champagne if they stop using the word empennatrable to use magino line. you can catch bret brenda buttner on bulls and bears 10:00 a.m. eastern time right here on the fox news channel. brenda, thanks. >> heather: now to fox extreme weather, a cool january day for president obama's second inauguration in washington, d.c. the stage is set for tomorrow's public swearing-in ceremony, but will the weather cooperate? maria molina is in weather center with more. >> good to see you. that's right. very cold air that is already impacting portions of upper midwest and headed eastbound and
1:23 pm
moving across the northeast and mid-atlantic as we head through the next couple days and just in time for tomorrow in washington, d.c. you'll be seeing temperatures in the 30s. very bitterly cold, especially during the evening hours by tomorrow. currently not too bad. new york city at 50. 62 over in atlanta. portions of the midwest feeling, 8 in minneapolis. you factor in the wind and it feels even colder out there. it feels like below zero in minneapolis. factor the cold ait lakes, the lakes are relatively warmer than the air and that produces lake effect snow. that is what we're looking around the buffalo area and across areas north of syracuse and portions western michigan. we're looking at a little bit of accumulating snow. people are used to it. it won't be too bad. just watch out for a couple of inches. d.c. for tomorrow, afternoon, high temperature at around 41 degrees. that is 1:00 p.m. monday but that colder air is arriving and
1:24 pm
that is as warm as it is going to get. evening, low 30s and factor in the wind, it will feel like the 20s. west of d.c., there was snow showers that could make it into d.c. as we head into the nighttime hours. so about 8:00 p.m. you could be seeing a flurry rolling in. no accumulation in d.c. but some of the white stuff. high temperatures not too bad if the northeast. cold air is headed east. by tomorrow, we're talking 30s in new york city and by tuesday, we're not going to make it out of the 20s. 24 degrees will be high temperature in new york city. 27 in boston. >> heather: thank you very much. >> gregg: the debate over gun control really getting heated on the sunday morning talk shows. why one critic says the president's style is way to combative.
1:25 pm
>> there hypocrisy when it comes to gun control. many are very wealthy and out source police protection but you have a lot of people about preserving the safety of of their own home.
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plus it provides twenty-six essential vitamins and minerals and is gluten-free. help get the nutrition you need with a complete and balanced nutritional drink. try boost® high protein. also available in powder. this has been medifacts for boost®. >>. >> gregg: president obama's second term is officially underway. president sworn in earlier during a private ceremony at the white house and tomorrow during the public ceremony the president will talk about the deep political divide which makes compromise so very difficult in washington these days and his hope to find some common ground. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel in washington. what is the possible area where the president and republicans might find common ground? >> reporter: everybody seems to recognize something needs to get done on the national debt. $16 trillion and counting. it won't be easy because both
1:30 pm
parties are coming at it from different amps, but today a republican rising star called for action. >> we're bankrupted go the country. that is what the american people are looking for. to date, politicians from both parties have been unwilling to take even a tiny step in the right direction. we got to fix the problem. >> reporter: take a deeper look, republicans don't want to raise taxes and democrats don't want to touch entitlements it will be a heavy left but may bring optimistic. >> gregg: do allies of president obama maybe there is an opportunity to get big things done? >> they do seem encouraged following the house republicans' offer to increase the debt limit nation's built to borrow for three months and in exchange allow the house and senate to pass a budget. republicans would like to see a budget with spending cuts. here a key white house advisor on the g.o.p. offer. we don't think the short
1:31 pm
term is smart for the economy. two or three months has uncertainty. we are please today see the republicans in the house drop their previous position which was, they were only going to pay the bills they racked up if they got what they wanted in deep spending cuts in medicare and other programs. that is progress. >> reporter: starting a new term president obama has reluctance will ri he is the one politician in washington who does not have to run for reelection. it be interesting to see what he wants to do to try to push big things across the finish line. >> gregg: some say you automatically become a lame duck when you get sworn in which was today. mike, thanks very much. >> heather: well, the gun control debate spilling on the airwaves today where we got new reaction from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. while gun control advocates and gun enthusiasts can agree on
1:32 pm
things like background checks but details it can get heated. here is one senator slamming the president's use of executive actions. >> he likes the executive order approach, a whole lot better than the legislative approach. you really can't get all that far with executive orders. you have to legislate and you have to legislate realistically. you don't control the entire confronting. it takes three entities to get a bill passed into law and you have to come up with something that a democratic house and democratic senate and republican house and the white house can at the end of the day be for. >> heather: ford o'connell is former outreach director for john mccain and jehmu greene a fox news contributed. thanks for joining us. so the senator mentioned executive orders we need to clarify not one of the 23
1:33 pm
actions issued by the president is an actual executive order. however, the white house did issue three presidential memoranda. one, improving availability of relevant executive branch records to the national criminal background system, tracing of firearms in criminal investigations and engaging in research on the causes and prevention of gun violence. what is the difference between a presidential memorandum, not much. did a lot of research on this today. executive orders in all but name. the main difference executive order has to be published, a memorandum only if the president determines they have, quote, general applicability and legal effect. that being said, ford, what chance does the president's gun agenda have? >> not very much background checks. he is easy painting house
1:34 pm
republicans as obstructionists and we're gloss go over a lot of tensions within the democratic controlled senate. you have senators on the democratic side like johnson in south dakota who are not very happy with the sort of president's my way or the highway approach to this legislation. what america needs is a practical president, into the legislative dictator and think senator blunt was spot on. i think there is tension in the democratic party as more goes on with the gun control debate we'll see the tension. >> heather: president had four proposals, universal checks for gun buyers and crackdown on gun buying and a.m. missions on magazines holding more than ten bullets. lindsay graham, republicans in the south carolina he said that he is confident there will be bipartisan opposition to his
1:35 pm
proposal. even harry reid stopped short of embracing president obama's proposal calling them thoughtful recommendations. is the president's tone contributing to a lack of bipartisanship? >> no. i don't think this is about his tone. i think it is interesting to have a republican senator calling president obama combative given the nature of in congress and how the senate has blocked and pushed them into a corner. i think there is some room for the president to reach out to members of congress more, build those relationships more. have one-on-one meetings with them, do golfing with them, but we have to keep in mind that when we came into office, his leadership style was consensus. that is at the heart of this man. what is unfortunately happened, republicans have said, we're not going to come to the take and participate. we're going block and be the party of no.
1:36 pm
so you have to go to executive actions or executive orders. that is not how government should work. hopefully they will... ford, you know that the republicans have blocked everything. he has at the point where he has to take executive actions. >> and 2nd amendment. president obama won less than 42% in the last election. i'm telling you there are a lot of senate democrats who prize the second amendment and if they go against it they are not going to win the election. the president is jeopardizing the u.s. senate because he wants to be a big government liberal. >> heather: even the president acknowledged that getting them through congress will be difficult. he referenced national rifle association, take a look at this fox news poll, in terms of
1:37 pm
favorability, president obama 51%, nra 56%, a higher favor built than the president. their response they would work with congress on bipartisan basis and fix mental health systems as well. is this about protecting children or banning guns? >> this is absolutely about protecting children, stopping crime, letting us pursue or life and liberty, that is more important than allowing people to stockpile military style weapons. that is not in the constitution. ford, you are right. this is not about republicans. this is about the nra lobbyists. they are desperate that not just republicans but many democrats like you listed. democratic senate members. i think the american people are starting to change their tune when it comes to the nra especially after their
1:38 pm
disastrous press conference where they don't want more.... >> heather: you get the last word. box cut on the twin towers and fertilizer used by tim mcveigh. >> this is naked gun grab. if we want good legislation that will help address gun control and mental health, what happened in newtown is terrible, you have to work with congress. he doesn't work with congress. this is a gun grab, pure and simple. >> heather: thank you for joining us. >> gregg: very high sports figures facing potential high stakes legal trouble. our legal panel weighs in on lance armstrong's so-called qefgh and involved hoax. >> heather: and second term and what we can expect from president obama at this moment.
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crest. life opens up when you do. want a whiter smile today? try 2 hour express whitestrips. >>. >> gregg: drama in the sports world this week with two athletes coming clean about big scandals. lance armstrong admitting that he took performance enhancing drugs and notre dame linebacker acknowledging he exaggerated his relationship what turned out to be a fake girlfriend. so by admitting these things, these guys open them up to legal troubles. let's start with mantai because his story stinks like limbur ger cheese. he lied to his dad. he admits that he lied to a bunch of reporters creating very clear impression he had a face to face one on one relationship
1:44 pm
with this woman. all not true. but it's not a crime to lie to journalists. >> i really hated this break to you. i know you knew eve about these, it's into the a crime to lie to journalist. >> gregg: when every president speaks. >> i'm not getting into that. it's not a crime of perjury you have to be under oath and it's has to be a material fact. he was not under oath. he was telling a story, spinning a story, it's not a crime. >> gregg: whether you go back to the interviews and you listen to mantai teo, he is giving the impression into an in person relationship. he says he found out about the hoax on december 6th, but listen to him in an interview two days afterwards. here it is. >> i don't like it at all. my grandparents and girlfriend, i don't like cancer.
1:45 pm
>> liar, liar pants on fire. is it illegal in some ways or civil liability. >> at this point in time, only civil ramifications, he is not talking so we don't know, if d he know what he knew and did he participate in it. >> gregg: could this. >> a picture was taken off of facebook to perpetrate this lie, could she have some kind of recourse, i doubt it. >> gregg: what about the guy that behind the oaks and friend of mantai. >> if there are damages there. >> gregg: damages, teo could soon him. >> he didn't want to be deposed. >> and there is notre shame. let's switch to lance armstrong. he goes public and he says, yeah
1:46 pm
i doped. >> perjury to go under oath and blatant lie li lie. >> gregg: he belongs behind bars. >> the statute of limitations is five years. so they ran. >> gregg: what about drug trafficking and criminal fraud? is he saved by the statute of limitations? >> i don't believe so. will the doj reopen their investigation. we saw where it went with roger clemens. >> gregg: he has admitted to drug trafficking and money laundering. >> we're going to see this happen and explode when the doj whistle blowing case. this is not the landes whistle blowing case but they will be joined. >> gregg: that is $30 million right there. >> and federal damages, hundred million dollars. >> gregg: his net worth. >> 125. >> gregg: what about sponsors trying to recover all of the money they gave him because now they have been defrauded. >> they already are.
1:47 pm
one sponsor is asking for $12.35 million and the others i'm sure will get on the bandwagon, as well. there are other people he may have defamed. >> gregg: he viciously destroyed people's lives by calling them liars, defamation? >> absolutely. during the interview with oprah, he says i intentionally sued these people and i knew they were telling the truth. you can't get anything better than that. >> gregg: sunday times of london paid him half a million dollars because they published the story saying he was doping. do they get their money back? >> they deserve a check right now. just right write a check right now. going to have this and oprah interview and paid half a million dollars, they have to know that suit would be coming. they will be looking for lawyers and damages, couple million bucks. >> gregg: his confession really didn't work. you look at the public reaction. unless you are fully and
1:48 pm
faithfully contrite and honest which his friends say he was not you make matters worse. >> and not waiting for ten years. >>. >> gregg: it's all about him, okay. robert and lis, good to see you both. >> heather: coming up president obama getting ready to kick off his second term. he does have unfinished business on the table. what he is likely to say during the inaugural address and how his likely to stack up against previous inaugurations. with the spark miles card from capital one, thor gets great rewards for his small business! your boa! [ garth ] thor's small business earns double miles on every purchase, every day! ahh, the new fabrics. put it on my spark card. ow. [ garth ] why settle for less? the spiked heels are working. wait! [ garth ] great businesses deserve great rewards.
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. president obama facing tough competition when it comes to inaugural speeches. his first address in 2009 considered by many to be the most famous. president and vice president was sworn in earlier today during private ceremonies. so what can we expect tomorrow as president obama begins his second term in office? doug is presidential historian and brad blakeman, managing director of the 1989 inaugural.
1:53 pm
thank you both for joining us. so the first question i'll toss to both of you. what makes a memorable inaugural speech, and what has been the most memorable? >> i think what makes a memorable speech is a memorable presidency. i sat down and read all these speeches, there are some that are great speeches, but they don't get kudos because the presidency was so great. it seems like historians go back in hindsight and say it was great speech because it was a great presidency. lincoln comes to mind. kennedy was beloved after he was assassinated. great line from cicero that was conflict about policies, ask not is the quote. so i think barack obama is different. he is african-american and that is such a trim setting event i
1:54 pm
think will be going to be studying for years to com. >> heather: brad, what is your take? >> i think to be memorable, unite america and challenge us but also has to inspire us. let's remember that the president has an opportunity to give a patriotic and visionary speech but followed within two weeks with a state of the union that is going to be road map. what is he going to do the next four years? you won't necessarily hear that tomorrow, but will you hear it within the next two weeks. hopefully that will give us more dimension to the inaugural address and what he hopes to accomplish. >> heather: we heard the president has two occasions to talk about his presidency moving forward. we are entering a rare moment in history. president obama faces as president clinton and george w.
1:55 pm
bush before him the challenge of giving a second inaugural message to the american people. what advice would you give him? >> i would say be very conciliatory. that is what -- whether he feels it or not, that is what i think he has to do. if he is not it will be an insight whether or not he is experiencing that second term malady that many presidents experience, hubris, there are too many rhetorical flourishes, these is thinking about his lebanon si after gibes that he wants to do battled in 2014 and take complete power and move this country further down the road he wants it to go. i would watch for that. is it conciliatory. >> heather: i want to take a look at favorability ratings. president obama is down as he heads into second term, it's 48% compared to president bush who was 57% as he entered second
1:56 pm
term. president clinton down slightly and president reagan who was up 51 to 64%. so brad, does president obama face an uphill battle from here? >> he does. all the more reason to be conciliatory. we have a divided nation. while the general public of our country may have continued divided government in november's election, they don't expect divided government when it coming to governing. people have to come together. the president must lead divided government to consensus and that requires compromise. believe the president should use this opportunity to understand where she coming from as far as governance is concerned. we are divided government and nation, he has to be conciliatory and he can't be the same old same old if he wants a legacy. >> heather: doug, you get the final word? >> we come to every inaugural
1:57 pm
that the president is some super hero but the odds are against him. of the last eight presidents only four were re-elected, one was impeached, one of those resigned in disgrace. one of those left office with the lowest approval rating last month in office since they started polling. the odds are against him. we wish him well but second terms are tough. >> heather: ending it on a downer noted but thanks, we appreciate it. >> gregg: four more years for president obama. coming up, a look at challenges for our commander in chief. the political insiders will be breaking down the president's second term. stick around. my insurance rates e probably gonna double. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands?
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2:01 pm
>>gregg: welcome to a brand new hour "inside america's news headquarters" on this inauguration weekend. >>heather: as washington prepares for the festivities tomorrow the president took the official oath of office this morning in a small ceremony in the blue room of the white house which is just with a few people there to see. we begin with ed henry. ed, they are just going to do it over again, tomorrow. >>reporter: this will be an interesting fact because the president is going to be following fdr, the only president who has been sworn in
2:02 pm
four times. last time, chief justice roberts in 2009 messed it up and they had to do a do over at the white house. now they do this officially because the constitution says you need to be sworn in on january 20 and tomorrow there is a ceremony that is a swearing in so four times in four years for this president. nothing messed up this time. chief justice roberts had note cards and which was a light moment where the president got to joke with his daughters after the swearing in and the president in a video released by the committee talks how tomorrow he will use two bibles. one used by dr. martin luther king jr. as well as one used by the late president lincoln. listen. >> two figures i admire more than anyone american history are dr. king and president lincoln so for me to have the opportunity to be sworn in using the bibles these two men that i admire so deeply on the 150th
2:03 pm
anniversary of the emancipation and 50th anniversary of the march on washington is fitting. >> for the official swearing in today, he use the the family bible that is for his wife's family. and vice president biden was sworn in a few hours before because justice sotomayor had to leave to catch a plane to be in new york city this morning for a book signing. i bet her book has gotten a push in sales after the talk about her going to the bush signing. >> her agent did a good job scheduling that. >> preview of the second term in tomorrow's inaugural address? >>reporter: he has big themes to focus on from the idea the nation should come together we have heard in many addresses before and a call to action saying citizens should still be engaged with the political system long after the campaign has ended.
2:04 pm
republicans are saying today they think other signs from the president such as the defiant tone at the news conference last week suggest it will be more of the same. >> he will talk about our political system does not require us to resolve all political differences but it requires us to seek common ground and he will make that point strongly that people here in washington, dc, need to seek common ground. >> i was surprised to see him transition the campaign committee into an ongoing campaign-style effort to have an impact on the washington debate because it doesn't seem the lessons of the first term are that it worked out well. >>reporter: aides say the dress will be 20 minutes or less and they will keep it short so it sticks to the big picture. the president will fill in the details on immigration reform and gun control and deficit reduction at the state of the union next month when he goes back to capitol hill. >>heather: back in 2009 it was 20 minutes so hopefully he will stick to the same.
2:05 pm
then you, ed henry. >>gregg: now the inaugural theme called "faith in america's future." that was chosen by the joint congressional committee on inaugural ceremonies commemorting the united states perseverance in unity and marks the 150th year since the placement of the statue of freedom atop the new capitol dome in 1863 when crews worked without any pay at all to complete the project, the official inaugural program, launch and other activists is reflecting that theme. >> interesting insight. as we mentioned, today's official swearing in was not open to the public. why is that? according to a tradition dating back to the 19th century, public inaugurations have to be moved to the following monday if the inauguration day falls on a sunday. this has happen add few times before including in 1985 during
2:06 pm
the second inauguration of ronald reagan and when eisenhower in 1957 was taking his second oath. >>gregg: as president obama prepares to kickoff the second concern there is growing concern over the administration's recently outlined plan to rewrite the nation's gun laws. beginning with a campaign style tour to drum up support. doug, is the president's campaign-like approach to all of this a response to the tough partisan realities on capitol hill? >> that is a good statement. for example, republican senator rand paul has vowed to introduce legislation to nullify the president's 23 executive actions he signed last week. he says the founders did not want the president to become a king. senator feinstein's plan to
2:07 pm
introduce a new assault weapons and extended magazine ban is facing daunting obstacles. >> i don't think senator harry reid brings it to the senate floor because he has six democrats up for election in two years in states where the president received fewer than 42 percent of the votes. >> leader harry reid will make guns one of the earliest things we consider. chairman leahy has talked about hearings right away. we will see action quickly. >> there are 20 democratic senate seats up for grabs in 2014 including in arkansas, alaska, iowa, south dakota, and new hampshire and democrats learned a lesson in 1994 after the assault weapons ban passed they lost control of the house of representatives which suggests compromise could be in the works. >>gregg: but that invites the question, what kind of
2:08 pm
compromise? >>reporter: we got a taste of what could pass in both houses today. here is what we could find agreement on. >> this is a moment we can do something about mental health, information sharing, maybe about background checks and other things but it has to be a plan that could work or the president will not get it done. >> we do not expect it all to pass but in elements of this that are critical. >> the president has vowed he will do everything he can to reduce gun related carnage and putting to work the same campaign organization that won him unprecedented turnout in november to now win grass roots support for new restrictions on guns. >>gregg: thank you, doug, from washington, dc. >>heather: the inauguration sparking speculation of president obama's second term and his legacy when it is all said and done. many consider president's nominations for the supreme
2:09 pm
court to be the most important factors in shaping his place in history. who is up for consideration? will the senate stand in the way of the president's vision? now live from washington with shannon. >> the four justices now in the 70's including ruth bader ginsburg who will be 80, president obama will likely have an opportunity to nomination a justice or two. with justices sotomayor and kagan, the court is viewed as evenly split along ideology with reagan appointee justice kennedy the swing vote on key cases. president obama won bipartisan support for the first two picks but there is plenty of speculation he could go where a more progressive nominee if he gets another chance. >> you are going to hear a lot of his base and a lot of the activist groups pushing hard to make a home run appointment who is an outspoken liberal who can
2:10 pm
send the message, articulate the liberal positions on the issues. >> any nominee has to get through the senate where republicans say they feel obligated to defer to the president's picks unless they are clearly outside the mainstream of legal thought. the court could be tilted to the left if the g.o.p. does not get its act together. >> i want a win. you cannot expect to change 200 years of history, to lose the election and still get control who goes on the court. you can push back if it is extreme pick but at the end of the day elections have consequences. >> no indication that any justice will leave any time soon but the retirement watch will heat up this year as it always does as we get to the end of the term when we see the announcements in june. >>heather: thank thank you, sha, from washington, dc.
2:11 pm
>>gregg: a dozen more bodies discovered at a gas plant in algeria the scene of the deadly hostage stand off, hundreds of workers were rescued but up to 48 hostages were killed including an american. more are missing. authorities say the death toll is expected to rise significantly as a search of the complex continues. connor joins us live from the middle east bureau. >> a lot of confusion of what actually happened at the been gas plant. today, officials searched through the debris at the b.p. gas facility in algeria and according to a private television station they say that authorities have uncovered dozens of bodies. some of them are so damaged from the firefight and from the violence there, they cannot tell if they are foreign hostages or members of the terrorist group that attacked the b.p. plant.
2:12 pm
security officials say there are the possibility there are traps and mines all over the facility. identifying bodies and pulling them out and getting them back to their home countries is a very slow process. it has been very difficult. the algerian government today has said necessity believe 32 islamic militants were killed in the raid launched by algerian special forts but they just announced they captured 5 mile thans. there is confusion of how many militants were there. were they all killed? did some get away? it is confusing information we have been getting out of algeria since the beginning of this crisis. the u.s. government and other western governments are trying to work with algerian government to get more information for the families who do not know if their loved ones are dead, missing or what. the algerian government has been reluctant to work with western governments and announced they
2:13 pm
will not allow foreigners to secure the oil and gas fields in algeria, not a good statement for foreigners who are working there. there is a lot of concern about the security. >>gregg: thank you, conor. >>heather: you could visit the doctor online. is this the new trend for the 21st century checkup? >>gregg: a health care lands barbara walters in the hospital overnight. details on that. >>heather: some use a controversial fingerprint scanner raising serious concerns about privacy. dominic is live in arizona with that story. >> yes, the police here in mesa say the scanners are a huge help capturing criminals but some say it is another invasion of our privacy. research suggests cell h
2:14 pm
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2:17 pm
>>gregg: and now the headlines, a new mexico teenager charged with murder in the deaths of two adults and three children shooting the victims inside a home in albuquerque. no word on the motive. barbara walters hospitalized after falling and cutting her
2:18 pm
forehead in washington, dc where they is contributing to the abc inauguration. she is 83. organizers putting the finishing touches on the inaugural festivities. james taylor is among the a-listers performing on the stage in washington. >> for millionaire parents are sending off spring a message. you want what i have? you have to work for it. a poll of 500 millionaires finding that daddy war bucks believes children should make money the old fashioned way by earning it. is it something we can learn from the millionaire work ethic? we will bring in anchor of bulls and bears, brenda. >> that is what they say but, in fact, nine out of ten are doing more for their kids than their parents did for them, something
2:19 pm
that is interesting of the work ethic. 75 percent of millionaires describe their growing up as "average." 12 percent were poor. that is the kind of crux of the issue. to become a millionaire you have to have a hunger, a fire in your belly. when you give your kids everything, because the truth is, they preach tough love but what they are doing is paying for their education, buying them cars and putting down norths on their first home, so that is making it difficult. they have a sense of entitlement and they back trust fund babies. >> is millionaire $250,000? >> i am not going into that. health the survey was taken before or after the fiscal cliff deal which taxes people above $400,000? >> this is a good point. a third of all millionaires say they expect a decline in the amount of money they are going to give to their off spring and
2:20 pm
that has doubled during the recession. >>heather: there will be a decline based on the fiscal deal. >> absolutely, all the issue of taxes and all of that. but more important than that, really, they are saying one thing, doing another, and it will be interesting to see a study of how the children of millionaires do if they themselves become millionaires. >> it is like what our government is doing? i know my parents have told me, don't spend what you don't have. we look at our governmental leaders up to the president, and we are spending what we don't have. >> that is true. millionaires cannot print money like the government so that is what enabled them in that sense. another interesting point i found that only seven out of ten do not have a formal financial plan. they have trusts. they are enabling their children to get money without necessarily
2:21 pm
facing the estate tax in some cases but they do not have a formal financial plan and that is very interesting because that is what we have been told you need to have a sense of where you are going with your money. >>heather: you have daughters. how do you teach them about money? >> i tell you one thing i have done, on their allowance, one day i came to them and i said here is your $10. give me back $5. and they said, why? i said taxes, that is how much you will be taxed when you earn money. my daughter is watching right now from the makeup room. i let her know that she will get 50 percent of her take home pay goes to the government. that is a good way to show it. >> thank you, brenda. you can catch brenda on bulls & bears every saturday mitt romney right here on the fox news channel. >>gregg: you have to be economical, i told my daughter i would buy the prom dress and we
2:22 pm
are headed to target. >> there is no skin showing on that dress. greg i say each day, she will support me. >>heather: target has cute clothes. >>gregg: i love target clothes. and it is economical. >> growing controversy over mobile fingerprint scanners used by some police departments that allows cops to scan a fingerprint gaining immediate information about an individual and if they have anything on file but a group is arguing they could college data on -- could collect data on innocent people. dominic? >> here at the police department in mesa they say the scanners are a time and crime-saving tool. you are right, absolutely, civil liberty activists are nervous about this. an officer can make a random
2:23 pm
stop of someone who he thinks is a suspect. he takes the index finger and scans them, and runs it through a computer in the squad car. in seconds, he will know whether they have a warrant or arrest, whether they are innocent, whether they even have a criminal record. >> policing is about giving the officer a best information asphalt as we can on the scene to make a good decision of where to go next and what he needs to do based on the situation. this is one of those tools that brings that information to him rather than him going to find the right information. >> finding right information means taking a suspect back to the police station which can take hours. one case where a suspect was stopped in relation to a crime but it turned out high was actually wanted for a homicide and that was a collar for the police. i mentioned the civil liberties concerns. they are saying the random stops
2:24 pm
are not good. also, although the data the police capture on the scanner is there, but the temporary data is reminiscent of a police state. >> the police need to have rules and restrictions on how to use the technology, for example, they should not be able to ask people to "voluntarily" turn over fingerprints because when an officers and you to voluntarily do something it is never truly voluntarily. >> one day the police department would like to see a criminal database set up to check regular citizens' identity but they add it it is not ready for that. >>heather: supreme court justice sotomayor making a trip to new york city for a book signing event for the new book "my beloved world." this is video just in to fox
2:25 pm
news. it would not be so big a deal but the vice president had to reschedule his swearing in this morning to fit around the justices' scheduled book signing. >>gregg: i cannot swear in the president of the united states because i have a book signing like "i have to shampoo my hair." there are eight other juts diswhose could have. >> why do you think the white house decided to make the move that way? >>gregg: well...i have an idea but i probably should not say. health we leave it to your imagination. or tweet us what you think. a lot can change in four years, the first address focused on hope and change. what kind of message can we expect to hear this time? >>gregg: after four years of heads butting, can the president work with congress in the second term? political insiders are here. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
2:26 pm
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2:30 pm
>>heather: four years ago a young president obama delivered the first inaugural address calling for hope and change. he begins a new term shaped bit decisions of his own policy. what will the president's speech look like this time around? live to washington, dc, with more on that. james? >>reporter: during the campaign republicans had sport by counting how many times president obama would greet the jobs report by mentioning the headwinds the economy was facing? some veterans of republican white houses past say president obama tomorrow must be careful to avoid summing up our present situation in a way that sounds too similar to what he said in
2:31 pm
2009. they suggest current conditions being what they are will be no easy task. >> our nation is at war. against far reaching network of violence and hatred. our economy is badly weakened. homes have been lost. jobs shed. businesses shuttered. our health care is too costly. our schools fail too many. >>reporter: democratic sources say the address will be markedly different because the country unlike the dark days of early 2009, is no longer shedding hundreds of thousands of jobs a month. >> he is at the best when he talks about the american experience and puts "now" in the context of where we have been. i hope he does not move away from that, it lends itself to that better than any address since president ronald reagan. >> he will move away from saying we cannot live in a difficult that is devastated by a
2:32 pm
hurricane in the age of climate or be fearful of the government not in to help them. he could set up some strawmen and not them down but it will be important as the people come away from the speech that this is a president that is a happy warrior and is optimistic. >> physical me on -- follow me on twitter and i will tell you which president is the first to deliver the address with the aid of loudspeakers. >>heather: i will follow you right now, james. remember, we will have live continuing coverage of the 2013 presidential inauguration including president obama's inaugural address starting tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. >>gregg: washington prepares for the ceremonies, americans are looking further ahead and they have mixed emotions.
2:33 pm
look at this. the "wall street journal" poll shows a mixed bag as far as how optimistic americans are about the president's second term. bringing in our political insiders to talk about it, john leboutillier, former republican congressman for new york, and doug schoen, fox news contributor, and former pollster for president clinton and pat caddell is under the weather today. doug, people are more skeptical today than four years ago. >> absolutely. four years ago there was a universal sense of enthusiasm, optimism, and hope about the election of our first african-american president who ran on a theme of being different, uniting the country, and changing politics in the withed with. -- in washington. today we are me polarized and pessimistic and people have less
2:34 pm
hope for the future and are more cynical. the president himself is being more partisan in his approach. >>gregg: who rasmussen polls, john, which underscore the question, that is this: 63 percent of g.o.p. voters disapprove of the g.o.p. in congress. compared to the democrats and how they feel about the democrats in party. is the republican party in crisis? >> total crisis. first, to the president and the numbers you put up. you rule the way you run for office. if you run a campaign on substance and you win, you have the mandate to enact that substance. the president ran a campaign of negativity toward romney. and the republicans.
2:35 pm
and he had one position he hammered at every speech: raising taxes on the rich which he has done since the election. tell me, please, for the next four years, what is this presidency about? is it like the campaign, a seinfeld campaign, a campaign about nothing, so his second term will be a term about nothing? or is he going to make up a new agenda? we have guns. we have immigration. >>gregg: but he won the fiscal cliff argument by demonizing republicans and saying they are protecting the rich. >> that is where we are headed. rather than being not a red america or blue america or united states of america, this is "i'm right, we need fairness and the republicans are demonizing america." it is a plan to try to do what john was describing which is to finish the g.o.p. and win the 2014 election.
2:36 pm
>> the g.o.p. is helping him do it by a lack of ideas. necessity have been negative, too, mcconnell saying, all i want to do if the entire first term is do everything i can to make obama a one-term president. that could be in private a good thing to say but for the senate minority leader to it polarizing everybody. >>gregg: and having lost the fiscal cliff argument the republicans are caving in on the debt ceiling with a short-term agreement for a grand plan. if they could not do a grand plan a year and a half ago they will not now. >> my point. they lost on taxes. they are folding on the debt ceiling. they are hoping the timing will be better to deal with the sequestration with the debt ceiling but that is cosmetics. john is right. the premise of your question is right. this is a party that lost its way, lost its vision, lost its
2:37 pm
approach and the president is trying --. >>gregg: the president's approval rating is 53 percent and negative 48 percent and that is almost the lowest of any second-term president in six decades. nixon did better than that. however, look at the house of representatives republicans. they are showing disapproval rating at 73 percent. >> they have been perceived at negative, out of touch positions that are not popular. >>gregg: gay rights and tax rights? >> and they fit into the demonization they are protecting the rights of the rich. >> they do not have a pro growth agenda, creating jobs, they do not have a message. >>gregg: and the republican party is out of touch according to six in ten. five in ten, they rank poor on
2:38 pm
climate change and women's issue. >> there is a center right agenda that is solid majority of the american people buy into, but bottom line, this republican party that john served in the house of representatives representing, it does not represent that. they are the petition of negativity. >>gregg: and another issue going on this week in the wake of the massacre in newtown, connecticut, massacre. some things the president is championing including a sale on assault weapons, look at the support and negativity is below. the next one is a new federal database track of all gun sales in the country, huge support for that. finally, a law requiring background checks on anyone buying gun am mission, i am dubious whether this will pass congress but the president may do it by executive fiat.
2:39 pm
>> he can't. the executive order only applies to the executive branch. this is what people don't understand. he cannot tell you and me we have to wear red tie today. he cannot tell us that. he can tell people in the executive branch they have to but he can demonize the republicans. he is going to say that the republicans are retarding progress that two-thirds or more of the american people want on meaningful gun violence prevention legislation hurting the republicans and driving his polarization and his agenda. >> but there are a lot of democrats, too, in the senate, who will not go along with this. >> the american people are not getting the meaningful steps. >> more to talk about with the political insiders, the collapse of popular heroes a symptom of the larger issue permeating our society, taking on the leadership class.
2:40 pm
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>>heather: welcome back, the algerian government finding 25 bodies at a natural gas plant. this is after the hostage situation involving several americans came to a bloody end with special forces storming the facility. >> federal investigators testing batteries and chargers to get to the bottom recent problems with boeing 787 dreamliners. the planes have been grounded for passenger safety. >> in a ceremony with his family watching, president obama has been sworn in for a second four-year term. chief justice of the united states john roberts administered the oath of office in the white house. >>gregg: politicians to sports heroes, betraying the public trust is a growing phenomenon. now, bringing back our political insiders, john leboutillier and
2:45 pm
doug schoen. pat caddell is under the weather. lance armstrong, watched him twice on oprah this week. he appeared to be a guy not sorry he doped only sorry that he got caught but the list goes on and on. lance armstrong may end up behind bars for drug trafficking, money laundering and so forth. he beat the statue of limitations on perjury but slow a system of the growing problem. >> we see this problem in the society and in our politics. we cannot and do not -- they have portrayed the public trust with politician after politician who breaks the law and we trays trust, we have sports heros and celebrities violating the essence of being honest and truthful and it leads people to be cynical at the opening of the segment suggested.
2:46 pm
>>gregg: and another name, joe paterno, and manti te'o this week, an absurd hoax and the explanation, he admits he perpetuated the lie to some extent, as well, and that is manti te'o who will do an interview with katie couric. >> that will really get to the bottom things. >>gregg: tiger woods was disappointing: all of us were watching the hall of fame election in baseball, clemens, bonds, sosa, not even close. >> i am glad. and frank robinson said if any of the guy whose cheat if they are in, we are not coming back to the hall of fame so they are indignant. our segment is political insiders and doug would agree, i think, what we are talking about with these athletes, they are breaking the law, they are lying, trying to dupe the american public. what ticks us off about
2:47 pm
politicians in both parties, they have the same disdain for the american people. they are intellectually corrupt. it is a lie to say we will cut spending and balance the budget and they have no intention. >> we all know the problems. we know we have the debt. the deficit. unemployment. economic growth. we are not having an intelligent debate about solving those. we will not hear the president talk intelligently about them. i hope i am wrong. >> do you think politicians think americans are too stupid to know what going on? >> yes. ross ten -- rostenskowsky went to prison, and so does duke cunningham.
2:48 pm
>> i disagree respectfully with john and i would say the american people are disappointed because they expect more and they know they can get more. there you are been senators who have risen above and we are not seeing people who put the people's business ahead of their political interests. partisanship is standing in the way of solving problems which is why we have talked. >> a perfect example is the simpson-bowles debt reduction decision, both had a good plan, ignored bit establishment by both parties, the president appointed them and he will not talk about it and the republicans who sponsored it do not want to talk about it but it is the one route to solving some of the main problems. >> we are not getting a real debate about real issues and real problems. >>gregg: it is a sad situation. young people that look up to
2:49 pm
sports heroes and politicians. thank you both, gentleman, you can scratch -- catch more of the political insiders and you can follow them on twitter. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you don't have to be a golf pro to walk like one. ♪ when you walk 10,000 steps a day, it's t same as walking professional golf course. humana. health and well-being partner of the pga tour.
2:50 pm
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2:53 pm
>> it could be that so-called e-visits are the next trend in health care. a study suggests going online for professional medical treatment could be a lot cheaper and just administration effective as going to see the doctor in person. and a lot more convenient. >> more americans agree because more of them are making e-visits. is this the right direction for health care in america? we have senior attending physician of the emergency medicine at st. barnabas hospital in the bronx. doctor, virtual medicine, rendering a new realm. good direction? >> it is exciting time. this allows the patient to communicate with the doctor directly by the computer from their home, from the privacy of their home. during times like, say, flu epidemic, it is a great way to keep patients who are not that
2:54 pm
ill out of the hospital, out of the doctor's office where they could spread the virus. being a physician we are taught always to look, listen, and feel as part of our history of physical taking. we use our tools, our lights and everything, and all of our blood pressure cuffs and other great items. there is technology right now that is allowing this to be done from the home and transmitted to the physician. they use video conferencing and skypeing. in military use they use that to have specialists view soldi inje front lines where they cannot evacuate them right away. it is exciting and good but in the early stages. >>heather: this is not always a good idea? >> sure, many times you may miss the subtle physical exam from listening or talking to them and touching them and you may miss something more critical that is wrong with them.
2:55 pm
>>gregg: a doctor could be more conservative than, say, if he actually in person examined the patient? >> that is what they brought out in research we looked at. more antibiotics are described and the doctor is more conservative in the approach leading to side effects and increase in costs. and patients immune to the benefits of the antibiotics. >>heather: you mention cost-benefit, the e-visits cost less. >> according to the study we looked at they cost less. for certain nonlife-threatening conditions such as sinus infection, urinary tract infection that are caught early and nipped in the bud could be cured. >>gregg: in rural areas where there is a great distance a patient has to travel to see a doctor, they may have to wait a long-term, you could actually be examined if you are skyping with a doctor, more quickly, a lot more quickly. >> there are benefits to that.
2:56 pm
our hospital has a video conferencing capability where we can actually show burn patients to a burn center. >>gregg: you can see the bush patient and show the picture of that patient to the referring facility. >>gregg: and they can prepare if the arrival of the burn patient. >>heather: and this is used between facilities when you are reading radiology or reports, you can do it at one facility or read it at another. >>guest: it is happening. we have to use caution, too, because we do not want the patients to think it is a substitute and they do not have to go for the normal physical or yearly evaluations. these prevent problems from occurring and it is very important that patients do not get complaints and say i will skype my doctor when i have a problem. you need to go in regularly to pick things up early. >> they can put x-rays on a little cd and send it by computer without having the cd
2:57 pm
from one doctor to another just put it on the computer. doctor, thank you, good to see you. >> the face of new medical technology. >> that will do it for us. coming up a special live "special report" with bret baier in washington, dc, and back together, again, tonight, for another america's news headquarters, as well. >>heather: a big couple of days coming up with the inauguration festivities underway. >> stick around and we will have complete coverage of tomorrow's big second inaugural for president obama the hope you have a great week, everyone. >>heather: see you back here next weekend. and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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